[alexpicotannand 2023] Yunnan's "Tiegong Aircraft" Sounds a Strong Voice of Economic Recovery

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Poor infrastructure has been an "obstacle" limiting Yunnan's progr...

Poor infrastructure has been an "obstacle" limiting Yunnan's progress. Today, railways are in constant operation, highways are being stretched, and flight routes at airports are being restored to order. Yunnan's comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network is increasingly dense and provides strong support to Yunnan Province. They contribute to high-quality development of progress and openness.

[alexpicotannand 2023] Yunnan's "Tiegong Aircraft" Sounds a Strong Voice of Economic Recovery

With the optimization of epidemic prevention measures, Yunnan's "aircraft railway" continues to gain strength, has the effect of ensuring traffic and smoothness, and passenger and freight traffic has steadily increased. Effective investment in transportation and implementation of major projects have played a strong role in Yunnan's economic recovery.

Transportation networks are becoming increasingly dense.

Driver Yang Xing was driving a commercial vehicle on Da (Li) Yang (Bi) Yun (Dragon) Highway, and passengers were returning home from Dali for the New Year. "This expressway just opened at the end of last year. It now takes just over an hour from Dali to Yunlong, about an hour and a half less than before." Young Xin has been in the transportation business for nearly 10 years. age. Recently.

Yunnan is located on the southwestern border of our country. It is mountainous and has poor transportation. In 2016, Yunnan Province launched a "five-year transport infrastructure war" that aims to completely change the status quo of its outdated infrastructure.

In recent years, the construction of Yunnan's highway network, rail network and air network has accelerated. In 2021, Yunnan Province's expressways will exceed 10,000 km, making it the second largest province in our country with over 10,000 km of expressways. From Kunming in the north to Vientiane in Laos in the south, the China-Laos Railway with a total length of over 1000 km was built and traffic opened...

"By 2022, a total of 13 new highways will be opened in Yunnan Province, and five provinces such as Yunlong and Shuangjiang will end their history without highways." Xia Junsong, director of Yunnan Provincial Transportation Bureau, said that Yunnan currently has 129 provinces (cities and districts), 120 of which are connected by highways.

The construction of the railway network has reached a new level. In 2022, the Dali-Baoshan section of the Dali-Ruili Railway and the Mile-Mengzi High-Speed Railway will be completed and opened. So far, the operation distance of Yunnan Railway has exceeded 5000 km, and the operation distance of high-speed rail has exceeded 1200 km, and the movement of high-speed rail is accelerating with the establishment of the railway network.

According to statistics, Yunnan has 15 civil transit airports, up to 75 passenger and cargo routes to South and Southeast Asia, and 43 transit cities.

Yunnan Province is transforming from "caravans ringing bells in the mountains" to "connecting rivers and seas and connecting the world". The main skeleton network of highways is "seven in the provinces and five abroad". Mainly formed, the "8 regional, 5 overseas" railway network continues to expand, and the line fully reaches the capitals of South Asia and Southeast Asia...

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