[alexpicotannand 2023] Tianjin upsets Zhejiang, Guangdong beats Beijing Enterprises

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The 2022-2023 season Chinese Men's Professional Basketball (CBA) 25th regula...

The 2022-2023 season Chinese Men's Professional Basketball (CBA) 25th regular season, the Zhejiang team, which played the last two games on the 12th, lost first place to the Tianjin team and Guangdong Province. Our team beat the white ball.

[alexpicotannand 2023] Tianjin upsets Zhejiang, Guangdong beats Beijing Enterprises

Victory seemed imminent as the third-place Tianjin team swung hard and took a 16-point lead in the second quarter. However, the Tianjin team steadily pursued, and Tianyu opened the score to 6 points at halftime with consecutive shots from inside and outside.

In the third quarter, the Tianjin team took the lead with a wave of offense. The Zhejiang team felt cold and only scored 14 points in a quarter. Team Tianjin advanced to the final round with a score of 80:75. In the fourth quarter, both teams started to play the ball and the Tianjin team maintained a slow lead. Foreign aid Jefferson hit a 3-pointer at the crucial moment at the end of the quarter, helping the team finally defeat its strong opponent 96:88.

"In this game, the team lacked foreign help, had certain problems with manpower rotation, and the shooting rate was not high. When we return, we need to strengthen training and prepare for the next game." Coach Wang of the Zhejiang team. Shillong said.

In this match, Zhejiang team's foreign aid light recorded 22 points and 13 rebounds. Five members of the Tianjin team scored double digits, with Jefferson scoring 20 points and 8 assists, and Chen Yu scoring 13 points.

Team Guangdong faced Team North Control this round, starting with the Twin Towers consisting of Yi Jianliang and Hamilton. In the first quarter, the Guangdong team performed well, and in the second quarter, "three-point rain" poured from the outside, hitting 12 balls in the first half, and the North Control team, which led by 74 points, scored 46 points at halftime. . The Guangdong team maintained a good performance in the second half, but missed the game in the early part of the game, and in the end, the Guangdong team won lightly with a score of 123:96.

Five players from the Guangdong team scored in double digits this campaign, foreign aid Martian Brooks scored 22 points, young player Zhang Hao scored 21 points and Northern team Gordon scored 28 points.

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