[alexpicotannand 2023] Shandong builds "Lu Zihao"

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43 years ago, with the establishment of the Qin government, 60 Luling farmers we...

43 years ago, with the establishment of the Qin government, 60 Luling farmers went north to Tianjin Tanggu New Port to start the construction of port roads and port auxiliary facilities, marking the beginning of the construction of the labor service center. For Leling port workers. . Shandong Huicheng Labor Service Co., Ltd. started with these 60 migrant workers, and after more than 40 years of steady development, it has now formed the brand "Leling Port Workers" with more than 6000 people. We need to employ 1,000 workers.

[alexpicotannand 2023] Shandong builds "Lu Zihao"

Our "Leling Port Workers" can always be seen at the forefront of port production at Tianjin Port and Qingdao Port. Currently, the average annual comprehensive income of labor workers is about 100,000 yuan. ." With the support of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, organize large-scale labor force exports step by step and collectively, and carry out professional skills training of migrant workers as carriers based on basic labor services at ports. , Professional and sophisticated development." Jangsu Xingsai.

Find a babysitter and find "Sunshine Sister" in Jinan. If you want to try authentic Shandong cuisine, find "Shandong Cuisine Master". If you want to find a good technician, pay attention to Qingdao and Jining "Lianshan"'s "Qindao Smart Manufacturing". Good welding"... In recent years, our region has regarded the construction of labor service brands as an important point in promoting employment, and has created an advanced labor service brand group with unique regions, advanced sectors and excellent technology. November 2022 On the 17th, at the 1st Labor Service Brand Development Conference, our province won the national labor service brand competition "Comprehensive Advertising Award" and "Luban Employment" Huang Jianning won the title of "National Labor Characteristics" Qibingtang Labor Service Brand and Leling Port The worker's staff was awarded the title of "National Labor Service Brand Spokesperson".

“Labor service brands originate from labor experience and are developed by farmers who go to cities to work. They have local characteristics, industry characteristics and skill sets.” Yi Junqian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Provincial Employment and Talent Service Center, said that our province is responsible for comprehensive planning and construction, establishment of a multilateral participation system of offices, industry associations and market institutions, mechanism for promoting discovery, growth, development and improvement of labor service brands, labor Continued expansion of employment scale and industry capacity of service brands.

Our province insists on implementing classification policies, standardizing management services for brands with relatively mature systems, and promoting brands bigger and stronger. Define and promote brand names for high-staff, fixed-name labor products. ;for Skills Summarizes the brand's characteristics for labor service products with scattered invisible characteristics and distribution, and gradually induces brand formation. Currently, more than 110 life service brands have been established in the region, and the number of brands is increasing year by year.

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