[alexpicotannand 2023] Build a Clean Energy Island

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Recently, in the production planning center of Datang Energy Development Co., Lt...

Recently, in the production planning center of Datang Energy Development Co., Ltd., the map of Hainan placed in the center of the large screen. Company information in Joan's outline.

[alexpicotannand 2023] Build a Clean Energy Island

"Datang Hainan Company always insists on the development of clean energy in the whole island, and the development of gas power as the core, offshore wind power and onshore photovoltaics as the two wings of development, and the new growth pole such as hydrogen power, energy. Storage and intelligent energy combine a new example of the development of "one base, two wings and three pillars".

Up to now, Datang Hainan province has installed capacity of 4.36 million kilowatts in service, under construction and was approved, which increased Hainan's share of clean energy to more than 5%. Suppliers in Hainan Free Trade Port.

Increase investment in research and development

A few days ago, the reporter entered the central office of the Datang Wanning Natural Gas Power Station and heard the command "Unit 1" click on the operation controller. "Through the control of a remote computer in the central control room, the unit starts producing electricity. This is just the simplest operation in the intelligent operation of the plant. The real 'intelligence' is distributed in every corner of the unit." Mr. Yu Chunlong, head of the Department of Electricity Production said that.

Entering the power station, two gas-fired generators of class 9F roared, one on the left and the other on the right. Mr. Wu Zhanyuan, Assistant Director of Equipment Maintenance, pointed to the toner cartridge. 10 cm long black on the motor and introduced the reporter: "This is a small wireless sensor, Parameters do not require personnel to use measuring instruments. one by one."

In the Central Industrial Park of Hai Kho National High-Tech Zone, Unit 1 of Da Natural Gas Production Project Tanghaikho has been connected to the electricity grid to produce electricity, and the construction of the 2nd unit is going on actively. This is the first "5G+" smart power plant in Hainan.

Where is the wisdom? Where will 5G be used? The technical director of the project, Sha Qingjun, said that in the intelligent factory, the barriers between production and operation, equipment maintenance, safety control and daily office systems are broken, and all information will be collected on the intelligent platform. "5G is mainly used in photovoltaic signal transmission, inspection robots, intelligent lighting, etc. to achieve high-speed data and data transmission in power plants." Mr. Zhang Liang, assistant director of the project's equipment, added.

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