[alexpicotannand 2023] Beijing will add more "underground lifelines"

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"Cobwebs in the air", "sippers in the roads", "scratche...

"Cobwebs in the air", "sippers in the roads", "scratches, sputtering, dripping and spilling" of direct underground pipes, these difficult "city diseases" are cured by the construction of "underground lines". World Horticultural Exhibition Park, Yangtze Winter Olympic Stadium, Daxing Airport Highway... From all directions in the city, underground "giant dragons" transport water, electricity, gas and other resources to the city.

[alexpicotannand 2023] Beijing will add more "underground lifelines"

The reporter learned from the Beijing investment pipe gallery that the main part of the Wanfujing underground pipe gallery project has been completed, and the comprehensive pipe gallery of Daxing Airport will be expanded to the Fourth Ring Road in the future, and the capital will do more. . "The Underground Lifeline".

The underground "dragon" carries a lot of energy.

Next to Xinfeng Hebei Expressway and Daxing Airport, Beijing Investment Pipeline Gallery's operation and maintenance center is hidden inside.

Installed out of sight, underground pipe galleries provide great energy to the healthy functioning of the city.

Before the start of the Winter Olympics, pipelines in the Yanqing Games area provided a total of 1,250,000 cubic meters of snowmaking water per year, said Zhang Jianhai, Operations Management Director of Beijing Investment Pipeline Company.

The airport's new comprehensive high-speed pipeline gallery will be put into operation concurrently with the Daxing International Airport Railway Line, Airport Expressway and Beijing-Xiong High-Speed Railway, a major energy supply route for the southern region. of the city. A new airport that will receive a Class 6 pipeline. It provides Daxing Airport with water, electricity, telecommunications, gas and other energy assurance channels, and will become an energy channel for transmitting high-voltage energy from other provinces to Lize area in the future.

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In the past, some citizens have had the experience of digging a small road in front of today's house to repair the pipe, then digging again shortly after, and road builders accidentally "damaged" the old pipe. “Traditional pipelines employ direct burial, where they can undergo a full inspection once a month and there is a delay in detecting problems. In the next-generation pipeline corridor, when a fault is detected, an automatic signal is issued and the fault is repaired within 24 hours. We'll do it. The watch can be cleaned." Zhang Jianhai introduced that the entrance pipe went into the "safe" and was added strongly as a "protective cover".

On the large screens on the entire wall of the operation and maintenance center, bar graphs in various colors show the energy consumption of water, natural gas and heat in real time for each pipe gallery, and each pipe gallery shows a "health index". Levels of different colors. "Oxygen, temperature, humidity and other indicators in the pipe gallery can be monitored in real time via sensors." Zhang Hao, Director of Operations and Maintenance Center, gave an example. When a gas leak occurs, the sensor automatically triggers an alarm. Ventilation can be activated remotely.

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